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General Android Peripheral (KL25Z) tested

Last year I started to develop a General Android Peripheral platform with Freescale's first Kinetis L micro MKL25Z128VLK4.  When I present it on Design Shanghai 2013, its hardware is under development, which you can reveal on above picture.
History It was inspirited from IOIO design and ADK for its ADB/ADK/AOA conception. However, since MKL25Z is quite different from Microchip and Atmel's micro, I developed the code on FSL's USB stack, and reference some code from Arduino UHS (USB host shield).
Roadblock As a software engineer, the roadblock for this project is hardware design and assembly. 
The code runs well on FRDM-KL25Z with my custom host port. (Yep, I modified the port hardware to enable its host feature on board.) However, I can not solder the samples since 0.5mm pitch QFP80 is difficult to me.
I got them soldered with my friends, but all of these boards can not be accessed by any of my debuggers. And I found 125 KHz output from its reset pin. Check these two links for de…

LPC812MiniKit is available worldwide

Web Store
LPC812MiniKit is available from my web store of
Currently there are three major products for DIYer:

LPC812MiniKit, on board CP2102, SWD/ISP, connects to PC/Android/Linux/Mac

Bare PCB for LPC812, it is easy to solder LPC812M101JD20 (SO20) on board

SWD/JTAG 50/100mil, 1.27/2.54mm converter (only 10 pieces available)
Additional Items You can order samples for LPC1114/LPC812/STM32030 from my store as well.

Another LPC812 Image

Now maybe we can embedded image into email body?
Check our LPC812MiniKit in detail.

Image of LPC812

As a Chinese user, I can not access web services of Google normally. Although I can post an email to update my blog in, email is still lack of many features available on web, such as image, multimedia embedded objects. I have to test them one by one.
Here comes an image of LPC812, via email attachment.
Check out what is it.  or