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LoRa Prototype Kit and USB Dongle Product

Recently I have released some LoRa Development Kit and products, check these out. Fig 1: LoRa RFM100L (AI version) with NUCLEO-F103RB
Fig 2: LoRa RFM110L (NPLINK version) Shield Fig 3: LoRa USBLR1000 (in enclosure) and USBLR110M (PCBA) USB Dongle Fig 4: LoRa USBLR110M USB Dongle (433MHz and bare PCB)

Among these products, USBLR110M become the popular one, it is made up of STM32F103C8 mini board (Blue Pill) as well as RF modules for SX1278/SX1276/SX1272.  Since STM32 and RFM are all pin to pin compatible, developers can use another mini board, STM32 micros or radio chip to custom their designs.
I will post more details on these products. Futhermore, I will release a WiFi/LoRa and BLE/LoRa combo products.

Hello World, Again.

As time goes by, I, as a Chinese engineer, was blocked by GFW time after time. Since I am running some small (we can call it tiny) online stores for my designes in as well as I have to come back to to update my blogs as well as upload my code to github, anyway.

So, Hello world. I am coming back again !

Nice to hear from you.